Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Garcinia Atriviridas(Asam Gelugor)

This tree species has long been cultivated for its fruit which is locally known as Asam Gelugor. While prized for its souring properties in culinary applications, the fruit is also used as a health supplement by rural folk to counter the effects of influenza. More recently researchers have identified and isolated chemical properties which could be useful for the development of antihypertensive medicine. gelugor.jpg (10336 bytes)
Source: Malaysian Timber Council, Various Issues

  1. Mengurangkan proses pembentukan lemak dalam badan.
  2. Merendahkan kolestrol.
  3. Mengurangkan selera makan yang mengandungi karbohidrat.
  4. Membantu proses metabolisme.

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